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Ann is a family law attorney who has represented people throughout Minnesota for 21 years, including volunteering with Tubman and Washington County. Hellping people is what Ann does best.

B is for Small Businesses

Ann understands the small business owner is the backbone of Minnesota's thriving economy. No more than ever Minnesota must support its small business community.  We cannot afford to have our economy shuttered.

C is for Community

Ann is a resident of May Township living and participating in improving our community for everyone.  Ann is a member of the Citizen Review Board overseeing the Washington County's Child Protection, Foster Care and many more excellent services in our community.

D is for Democracy

Minnesota leads in engaging our neighbors in participation, protests, voter turn-out, and progressive leadership.  Ann is committed to all voices having a seat at the table and being heard.  By definition, until we have equal representation we cannot fully represent everyone in Minnesota.  Our democracy is only as strong as the invested leaders who nuture their community, listening and advocating for better days ahead.

E  is for Environment

A is for Advocate

Minnesota's clean air and water are our most precious natural resources.  Ann is a small hobby farmer who values the natural wonder and pristine beauty of our lakes, rivers, and parks.  Ann has been giving presentations across Minnesota and in Wisconsin on the topic of our changing climate.  By stark comparison her opponent is a Denier.  Ann is an Executive Board Member of the DFL Environmental Caucus, and also unanimously endorsed.  While we have always had disease, the frequency and severity of diseases like the Coronavirus is syptomatic of our stressed planet. We are running out of time; vote for change.

F is for Funding Public Schools

It is one of Minnesota's Constitutional requirements that the state provide an equal public education throughout the State of Minnesota.  We have yet to do so, and it is one of the goals I would like to see fulfilled.   School closures and large class sizes are not good for our children or our communities. In 2020 our schools adapted quickly to the Stay at Home Order.  Minnesota can do great things, we just need the leadership.

G is for Growing a Strong Economy

Raising the minimum wage, addressing homelessness, and other ways to allow everyone a meaningful seat at the table. With our economy on hold innovative action was never more necessary. 

H is for Health Care for All

Health care for all that is affordable and accessible is essential to a strong economy, including that women's health care needs are a priority, not an after-thought. Quality affordable healthcare is available, if we only have the votes.

I  is  for  Internet

Access to the internet is the key to small business growth in our rural and suburban communities in Minnesota.  When online learning became imparative as the only option, our communities were left to scramble.  In Scandia, Franconia, Stillwater and other areas in our district, the need for internet access is real. Year after year, the incumbent blocked funding to expand access.  Now that its an emergency, the frustration is real. 

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