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Endorsed by MNA


Ann is endorsed by the Minnesota Nurses Association.  Ann believes that our nurses deserve the best care, the same best care that they have given to all of us.

Endorsed by Friends of the Boundary Waters


Ann is endorsed by the Friends of the Boundary Waters.  Ann is a strong environmental champion.


Endorsed by DFLEC


Ann is unanimously endorsed by the DFL Environmental Caucus. Various DFLEC environmental proposals which received more than 60% support at caucuses across Minnesota are going to be on the ballot, including: ban pesticides, ban lead, clean water, moratorium on copper-sulfide mining, farming, environmental rights, and the Green New Deal, etc. 


Eminent domain is an interesting issue, but did not make it on the ballot, instead it highlights my opponent's odious votes.

Ann is also an executive board member of the DFLEC, and looks forward to her continued service to protect and preserve our beautiful state for generations to come.

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Endorsed by AFSCME

Ann is a strong supporter of unions, the ability for workers to organize for the common good and protect wages, benefits, and the right to organize.


Ann is a strong supporter of women's right to choose, including health care reform for affordable quality care for all.

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Endorsed by SEIU MN

Ann is a strong supporter of unions, the ability for workers to organize for the common good and protect wages, benefits, and the right to organize.  SEIU makes sure that working families have access to the lucrative economy that they contribute to form for all Minnesotans in caring for property, food services and healthcare.


Ann is very excited to be able to pass the MN ERA, long overdue recognition of ALL of our equal rights.

Endorsed by MAPE

Ann is a strong supporter of unions, including the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees (MAPE). MAPE members are Minnesota's service employees, guarding the environment, resolve tax problems, overseeing the quality of our rental housing, overseeing the management of our tax dollars, including our Auditor and staff, computer system designs, and all the professionals that make up our post-secondary education system, and so much more.  MAPE members are working together to take care of Minnesotans.

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Endorsed by DFL Senior Caucus

Ann is a mother and a daughter. Ann has aging parents of her own.  Ann will be a champion for all seniors in Minnesota.  Engaging in the political process and advocating for each other is how we create a democracy we can all be proud of together and for generations to come. 

Endorsed by NARAL Minnesota

Ann is a lawyer and supporter of the precedent setting U.S. Supreme Court decisions and the U.S. Constitution and all the fundamental rights granted therein.  A woman's right to choice is an inalienable fundamental right based upon her unique circumstances, including a right to privacy - granted by SOC, Sandra Day O'Connor, the first female U.S. Supreme Court Justice who was appointed by Pres. Ronald Reagan on August 19, 1981, thereby fulfilling his campaign promise.

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