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Who is Ann?

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Ann is a lawyer and hobby farmer, mother of three young adults, and a small business owner.  Ann is has been a practicing attorney in Minnesota for 21 years, working with families in crisis or transitions.  Public service has always been a part of Ann's motivation as she is an award-winning  volunteer at Tubman working with women in crisis. Helping and advocating for people is what Ann does best. With Ann in the Minnesota House, 39A would have a strong and informed advocate working for us and on the issues that matter most.

In 2018, the prior election cycle, the incumbent only attended one of the many debates, much to Ann's disappointment.  

Ann is currently on the Citizen Review Board working Washington County's services in Child Protection, Child Care Licensing and Foster Care.

Ann is on the DFL Environmental Caucus, as a unanimously endorsed candidate, and an Executive Board Member.

If elected, Ann would work hard for you and our mutual interest in a sustainable future, including healthy, green communities.

As a second time candidate who captured 44.36% of the votes, Ann is a formidable challenger to the incumbent Denier.

2020 has been a year to reckon with, between a global pandemic and moral outrage against our neighbors. The time for change is real. 


Minnesota can do better!

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Ann has a undergraduate degree from Gustavus Adolphus College, including a year at the University of Tuebingen, Germany.  Ann's Bachelor's is in English and German.  Ann has a Master's from the University of Minnesota, and taught undergraduate German classes during her tenure at the University of Minnesota.   In 1997, Ann graduated from William Mitchell College of Law.  And since then, Ann has been working with people across Minnesota finding solutions in the variety of conflicts they face.

Ann has a great deal of training in conflict resolution, including being a Rule 114 neutral, Ann is trained in transformative mediation, and has years of experience in serving in Stillwater's restorative justice program.  Ann believes our political discourse needs a refreshing change, and that she has the skills to bridge that gap.

Ann is a strong advocate of our public schools and will work to ensure their success.  Ann's challenger has not been a reliable resource for teachers and public school funding in our area or in Minnesota, one of their many distinguishing differences.  These differences are not solely a matter of funding, but also of being a good steward of the public dollar which requires a deeper understanding beyond partisan talking points or charts.

If elected, Ann would be a great advocate for all Minnesotans. Ann is a great listener, and Ann would be able to translate Minnesotan's needs into effective legislation.

Thank you for your support!

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